Providing Solutions

giving you more time by automating the minutiae
historic home upgrade

Retrofit Your Home

InCommand offers Designer Smart Lighting, Smart Latch Locks and a Gesture Control Pad that seamlessly, discreetly fit with your home. 

Modern businessman

More Time, Increased Productivity

With InCommand’s “Home” and “Away” settings, you can lock the door, turn off the TV and draw the shades with the touch of a button.

Secure Couple

Improved Home Security

InCommand makes your home safer. 


Remote Control & Home Monitoring

InCommand monitors home utilities 24/7 and can detect water leaks and smoke. If detected, automatic alerts are sent to you and local police/fire. 

Happy lady showing set of keys

Key Finder

InCommand Systems will help you to find your keys, wallet, purse or anything.

Mature couple sitting in sofa and using tablet pc

TV Control

TV Control without the headaches.

Smiling business team talking over a laptop

Independent Senior Living

InCommand monitors motion and audio sensors 24/7. No device needs be worn, and the monitoring works even if a fall results in loss of consciousness.