Smart Lighting

Set the mood, save time and money. Just plain cool.
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Set the Mood

One button sets perfect setting in a room, multiple rooms, or your entire home

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Save Time & Money

  • When leaving or arriving home, one button turns On or Off all the lights
  • Lights can be set to turn off in unattended rooms
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Easy-to-use Keypad

  • Multiple lights in on room controlled with single button
  • Pathway lighting: one press turns on or off entire pathway from room to room
  • Minimalist design eliminates confusing or unsightly multi-gang

As Reliable as Your Current Switches

  • Wired just like a normal light switch
  • Does not rely on internet or a computer
  • Works with existing 110v wiring
  • Certified installer Lutron RadioRA 2
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Lights for Security

  • Never enter a dark home- turn on your lights from driveway, lobby or anywhere
  • All lights flash in event of fire alarm or intruder
  • Option to simulate occupancy when away from home
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Optional Voice Control

Control your lights from bed, the couch, the kitchen, anywhere